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Aug 05 2012

Get real.

End of week one. Was it perfect? No. But it was something — it was a start. I have learned a lot, and I am starting to see how unpredictable the work ahead may be.

What is my biggest takeaway from this week? Be authentic.

Somewhere along the line — implementing management plans & practicing procedures, investing my students & their families, testing each copier to see which one would work — I lost myself. I did not bring myself into the classroom; instead, I brought an image of who I thought I should be. I had been told so many times to mean business on those first few days that I forgot to bring myself into the role. I forgot to laugh when I misplaced my geometry diagnostics during fifth period, I forgot to laugh at my students’ shenanigans, I forgot to be light. I forgot to have fun or be happy.

As a TFA teacher, we have a wealth of resources at our disposal — through TFA, our schools, our districts. We are given so so so much advice. This week, I forgot to take all of those resources & all of that advice and make it my own. I forgot that all of those managerial details are important because they serve the ultimate purpose of educating students & putting them on a path forward. I forgot the end goal.

So, I will readily admit it: some of my classes did not get the best of me this week. They got a fake version of myself.

The task that lays ahead: find the truth in my vision, the truth in my classroom. Communicate that authenticity to my students. Hold onto myself & my goal for my students, first & foremost. The rest will follow.

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