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Oct 02 2012

The Wall.

I’m not really sure what keeps you going as  a teacher. Those small moments of victory in the classroom, maybe. Or faking a smile as you walk into the building. Or finding the right mixture between getting down to business & laughing with your kids.

I’m finding happiness in the strangest parts of this life. In the prospect of spending my Tuesday afternoon updating trackers or making positive phone calls home or checking something off my to do list.

We’re all finally starting to hit a wall. We’ve been at it for nine weeks now, with two weeks of orientation before that, and five weeks of Institute before that…I’ve lived at least three lifetimes since I came to Oklahoma City. I’m hitting a wall, and I’m pulling myself out of it in ways I hadn’t even expected. I’m tired, but I know I have to push through for nine more days. WHEW. Let’s go.

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