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Jan 24 2013

A post from the past…

Note: This post was written a few weeks ago. I am publishing it for the sake of keeping up with my records & experiences, and perhaps, shedding light on the post I am about to write. It may give some valuable background and my headspace.

My students accept behavior that is less than they deserve.

Today, I was furious at my students because I am furious for them. My students talk about not necessarily feeling proud of their school or their classmates. My students use “they” and “them” to discuss their peers, disassociating themselves with the community at large. My students know that it’s easier for teachers to engage in more rigorous material in classrooms that are highly disciplined — which¬† is not always the case in their classrooms (my classroom is absolutely included in this — I am always, always, always trying to improve my behavior management).

Yet they don’t see how their own actions contribute to this issue. The problem is external — other kids, other classrooms, other situations. What about the factors that are within their control? Is getting into an explosive argument with another girl in the class, about issues outside of class, helping them gain an education?

I am sick of drama entering into my classroom. I am tired of personal agendas and arguments from the period before derailing my lesson. Things need to change.

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