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Feb 19 2013

“Training is the fight.”

We have twenty-five class days until the EOI. My students will only step into my room twenty-five more times before they showcase their mathematical prowess on a test that unlocks their ability to graduate. It’s gametime.

Today, I listened to my students drop some leadership knowledge during the Forward Thinking Program led by Sam Presti, GM of the OKC Thunder. More than ever before, they took ownership of the concepts Mr. Presti presented — and beyond that, they challenged each other (and him) to deepen their thinking on these ideas. I felt inspired by some of their responses to questions — particularly this comment: “training is the fight.”

We can’t control what happens on game day, what happens when my students sit down to the EOI. But we can control how hard they fight every day leading up to that point — we can motivate them to want to fight each day up to that point.

I’m excited for these next twenty-five days. I love how quantifiable that number is — how each day matters, how we have no time to waste (which ties into one of my new classroom management catch phrases, “ain’t nobody got time for that“).

Twenty-five days to train — and to fight.

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