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Mar 12 2013

Episode 134: The one where my students start becoming role models


– While teaching 30+ middle schoolers, I had five high school “TA’s.” They circulated around the room, answered questions, and then taught the end part of the lesson in smaller groups. Thanks to them, the kids were able to grasp onto the material and work at a pace that matched their own. (They also took care of my grading and calculated the day’s mastery score.)
– One of these high school students, DC, came into my session in the afternoon. All morning, he had been working to build his kids’ confidence by saying things like “Ms. Barnett, check out my smart kids over here. They have this problem DOWN.” He noticed one girl struggling, and together, we brainstormed some topics she may need to review. I taught him what “scaffolding” means, and we made up a worksheet for her that gradually increases in rigor. Tomorrow, he’s going to pull her out & teach her a differentiated lesson.
– Toward the end of the day, my kids started talking about college & what they were excited about for college. We wrote down the questions they had, and I sent a few e-mails to my friends who are current students about the transition to college, finances, and study abroad opportunities. They cannot wait to get responses back.

My students are becoming teachers. They’re driving their own success and becoming role models in their school.


This song came on while we were working in my classroom, and it summarizes how I’m feeling right now.

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