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Apr 24 2013

Pushing through the finish line

BIG NEWS. Our geometry test, scheduled for Friday 4/19, was pushed back to Monday 4/29. With this switch comes a major shift in review strategy & motivational gameplan — how do I keep my kids going for another week, when so many of them were ready to take the test on Friday?

This past week & a half has had plenty of ups & downs, and I am still reeling from the changes.

+ Seventeen of our kids went to the OKC Thunder game last Monday, as part of the Thunder Leadership Academy. Their confidence & willingness to engage in high-profile situations impressed me, as always.
+ Two students also thanked me for actively encouraging them after each of their leadership sessions and with quotes throughout my room, giving me the certainty that what I’m doing at John Marshall does matter. One even said “that teacher cares.” Our students notice what we do, and they know if our hearts are in the work.
- Emotionally, I’m pretty drained. I was sprinting toward the EOI, and while having it pushed back gives me the chance to clear up any common misconceptions, I’m struggling to find the personal motivation to keep driving.
- My behavior expectations have slipped. I’m spending a lot of energy on academics & with individual students, and as a result, I don’t have as much to fight the management battles that need to be fought.

Whew. A lot to fuel me, but a lot to drag me down. In all honesty, it’s how the kids feel too — tested each morning and struggling to find some light to keep them going through the afternoon.

Send us all some good vibes as we figure out how to make the most of the three days remaining, por favor!

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