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May 22 2013

Why I Came to School Today

Today has been far from perfect. The last few weeks have been far from perfect. Some mornings, it can be tough to remember why we’re all still coming in each day, especially now that testing is over. But there are a few moments — moments when I know that what I’m doing counts — that I want to remember:

– TB4 playing Geometry Vocab Hangman on Tuesday. It was the day after the tornado, and everyone was a little bit dazed (with a majority of our student body on a field trip or otherwise out). So, we played a game — and my students lit up.
– TB 5 completing our “analyze your own statistics” activity. We’ve been reviewing fractions & decimals through the lens of stats (and a “civic engagement” mindset at school — what information do you want to know about your school? What questions do you want to ask fellow students?). As the bell rung today, no one moved. No one stood up. They were all engaged in finishing their work. To compare that moment to the beginning of the year, when they couldn’t leave my room fast enough…it’s night & day.
– TB7, where I am currently sitting, as my students are all silent & on task & churning out work. One student, MG, is writing her own math problems & solving them on the board — creating new challenges.

Today, I came to school for JF, a senior who needs to make up assignments & seat time to meet his independent study requirements. A student who has worked hard and is close to reaching his goal — and needs me to simply show up to help him be there. I came for a single student, but I remembered how I can be here for them all.

And really, all of this is icing in the cake. Today, I’m asking myself to be grateful for coming to school at all — to a building with water & electricity & safe students. That we have to use each opportunity to learn. We’re lucky to be here at all.

Thinking of Moore, thinking of my students, thinking of finishing the year strong. This work is incredibly tough for too many reasons to count, but here we are.

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