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May 23 2013

“Solve your own problems.”

Today, my classroom was exceptional.

I spoke for a grand total of 3 mintues in each class. I had no new assignments. I gave no new lessons. I made no copies. I did nothing.

Instead, my kids did the work.

They sat down, held individual conferences about grades, and got to work on their final exams & projects. They found markers and chart paper and competed about who had created the nicest posters (“c’mon, man, you can at least put a border around that sheet of paper”). They asked questions, they answered questions, and they showcased what they had learned.

I nearly teared up.

At the end of the day, the measure of success as a teacher isn’t the show that we put on each day — the quirky hooks, the engaging lessons, or the performances that lessons can become. The end goal of teaching is to empower my students to do what they did today — to sit down, work hard, and solve their own problems.

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